It’s been nearly a week in a small Czech village at the Bohemian’s parents’ home. With no internet signal to any of our electronic devices, we’ve happily enjoyed checking in to other things.

Jeb’s been introduced to badminton and loves holding the Bohemian’s father’s bunnies. The Bohemian has begun a growing list of every Czech food and beverage he’s consumed, proudly rubbing his rounding stomach with a smile.

I am fascinated by language and the brain, finding myself waking with Czech words floating through my head, though I don’t know what they mean.

Sitting in the midst of Czech  conversations, I play with a combination of pure intuition, and the grasping of a few familiar words. The result is surprisingly effective, leaving the Bohemian’s family to joke that he better watch what he says, as I may understand more than he thinks.

As of this beautiful morning, the Internet now accommodates my iPhone, though typing on these small keys is slow- just like my verbal communications. In this country I have enjoyed new ways of conveying myself. Present tech challenges further expand my learning.

For today, it’s a photo of the window by the bed where we are waking.

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