It’s not just cucumbers.

It’s their real-life example of the power of growth. From that first tendril that took hold one month ago…


To the fecund vine that has taken over my garden’s fenceline…


It’s the natural fundamental. This propensity to flower and fruit. This inherent directive to evolve. The fulfillment of a destiny.

All, only possible through the necessary ingredients: sunlight, water, soil.

Tonight, I imbibe the fruit of encouragement.


2 thoughts on “Encouraged by Cucumbers

  1. When I tried planting cucumbers in tomato cages last year, it didn’t seem to work. I thought they didn’t like clinging to the metal, it seemed like they were avoiding it. But yours seem perfectly happy growing up the fence. I’m mystified! I’m glad I saw this though… thanks.


    1. We are growing a Japanese variety and the gardens in our neighborhood seem to do well with these cukes climbing metal fences. I’m using it to not only grow food, but use it as a buffer to keep the feral chickens from even considering trying to get into the garden! Thanks for reading!

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