More from the BC Scrapbook…

From a remote gulf island where about 1,200, self-reliant, human inhabitants enjoy summer gardens, blackberry pie, sunset picnics, and a good laugh.


Keeping it all in perspective.

2014-08-28_highview drive


Rest a spell, just right there, on the side of the road.

2014-08-28_blue chair


Last public washroom on the trail to the village.

2014-08-28_washroom sign

2 thoughts on “Roadside Attractions

    1. Loved coming back to BC! Though you and I have never met, I found myself thinking of you on the streets of Victoria as we wandered the grounds of the Empress Hotel and stopped into Roger’s for some chocolate. You’ve posted about your time in that fantastic city.

      The locals where we live can be heard saying, “Lucky we live Hawaii.”
      I’d also say “Lucky you live BC!” Aloha…

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