Note Card of the Week- Sea Urchin

A literal fish-out-of-water, this sea urchin shell took on new vulnerability once outside of its original, watery environs. Delicate to the touch, my fingertips could trace its Braille-like surface, light as a feather, sun-dried and intricate. I took it home from the beach, though eventually it crumbled. But not before I was gifted this image as it sat atop a plate in the kitchen.

It’s the featured Note Card of the Week at the Etsy shop, available to share in ever-lasting, letter form.

4x6_2013-03-21sea urchin

Creating these cards makes me smile. Sharing them with you brings me happiness. Knowing that you may pass them on to someone you love, well, that’s just a beautiful thing.

All cards are hand-made, with care, on recycled paper.

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