This morning I’m making note cards before sunrise. On Saturday (the Summer Solstice) I’ll bring them to an event called the “Happiness Planting Festival.” It’s taking place on the grounds of what was once known as the “Immaculate Conception School.” Today, it’s occupied by those that study “Happy Science.”

And it’s the Happy Scientists that are hosting this event, highlighting the art and culture of Japan, with an intention to “nurture the wellspring of happiness we each carry in our hearts.”

I’m not too familiar with the teachings of Happy Science, but somehow, I thought my note cards and I could fit into the mix. Share some art of the ordinary, and plant some proverbial happiness. I can take notes on another venture into vendoring. Possibly craft another story.

My note card creation process draws on accoutrements of old, utilizing my dad’s grade school ruler to fold the card stock.

record book ruler


Happy planting with paper, stamps and photographs…




recycle stamp


LLP lid


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