It’s called Dustin Barca’s Run For Mayor. I’m gonna run around the whole island and pay my respects to all the people and cultural sites of Kauai. I’m going to sail on a Hawaiian canoe from the end of the road on the north shore to the west side [There’s no road connecting the entire island.] Then I’ll run around the rest of the island. It’s going to take three days and it’s a 90-mile trip. We’re going to do events along the way. We’ll set up voter registration booths. Talk to community members, and get the word out along the way.
~ Dustin Barca, SURFER Magazine: Dustin Barca Interview May 23, 2014


In a true run for mayor, Dustin Barca is bringing something real to a realm so often appearing as non-sensical as the Queen’s court in Alice in Wonderland. As I type these words, he’s circling Kauai on foot, literally putting his body and soul toward raising awareness of the serious issues facing our island’s future (and present).

Running on the slogan “For the People, From the Heart” his ambitious trek circumnavigating Kauai is literally utilizing that blood-pumping organ to full capacity. Whether one agrees with Barca’s politics or not, it’s undeniable that the man is truly putting his heart into the race.

As our island becomes more aware of the insidious infiltration of GMO testing, a fresh infusion of sustainable-minded individuals are announcing their candidacy for local office. I’m inspired to see real people, rooted in the fundamentals (water, food, land, perpetuity), aspiring to help shape Kauai’s path forward.

Dustin’s footsteps will have traversed many a mile. It will be a journey of a lifetime for him, whether he wins as mayor or not.

The Hawaiian word, imua, roughly translates as ‘forward.’ It is exclaimed as the group paddles a canoe in unison.

Imua, Dustin!

Imua, Kauai.

You can read the interview with Dustin in Surfer magazine here.
The story on ESPN here.
And check out his website here.

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