I found this shell because I was looking. As in, slowing down long enough to inhale the oxygenated ions of salt air that swirled about my downturned head. I was sitting. Not moving. At the beach, just sifting. Me, and the endless grains of sand.

I was settled down in a heap of it. Mounds of what had once been reef and rock, now broken down and rounded to minutiae. Specks by the gajillions, piled layer upon layer, making ‘land’ beneath my body.

As many granules as there are stars in the sky, I’ve heard it said. Really?

I don’t know the scientific facts. I only know that I sifted upon this small bubble shell. No more than half a centimeter, it was intact, adorning pink stripes highlighted in delicate lines of gold.

I had to peer closely to see this. So close, I guess, that when back at home with the camera, the sunlight played with my zoom. Reflections off the plate, upon which the shell is sitting, turned watery, like golden pools.

The image has become part of my Hawaii Shells note card series and is the featured note card this week.

Summer is in the air, and there will be more beach days ahead. Plenty of chances to slow down and see.

2014-03-21_spiral shell

Creating these cards makes me smile. Sharing them with you brings me happiness. Knowing that you may pass them on to someone you love, well, that’s just a beautiful thing.

All cards are hand-made, with care, on recycled paper.

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