Potential unfurling.

A fern, spiraling into fullness.

Uluhe in Hawaiian.

A discovery on the forest floor found in the highest altitudes of my island home.

As many are readying themselves to close one chapter and begin the next (graduate to the next level or step out into the world), this plant friend is a reminder of all that is unfolding.

This particular moment was captured on a day when the Bohemian and I took a pause from the routine. We hiked hills and beheld vast vistas. We meandered the forest and leaned closely to magnificence in minutiae. (More photos from our island excursion here, “Top of the World”).

Congratulations to all of the graduates!

May this week’s Uluhe Note Card photograph gift you the perspective of solid work accomplished, and the promise of possibility that awaits you.



Creating these cards makes me smile. Sharing them with you brings me happiness. Knowing that you may pass them on to someone you love, well, that’s just a beautiful thing.

All cards are hand-made, with care, on recycled paper.

2 thoughts on “Note Card of the Week- Uluhe

  1. Gracious goodness but that is a marvelous bit of natural beauty. The ferns have unfurled in our woods now but when they are little fiddleheads they are but poor country cousins compared to this work of art. “Beheld” is such an apt word – it captures to luck and wonder of finding it on your hike.


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