We can strategize and configure. Position ourselves to maximize the odds in our favor. But there’s always an element of chance.

The revered Sunrise of Hawaii, has been so sought after, that this rare shell has become even more hard to find simply resting upon the beaches. Not wanting to wait until they wash ashore, treasure-seekers often dive into the ocean trying to uncover these gems from the depths.

So simply stumbling upon one of these precious shells in a lazy stroll along the sand…well, that discovery is one sweet surprise, making our chance encounter just that much more delightful.

Such was my meeting with this Sunrise shell, featured as the Note Card of the Week. A treasured gift offered up from the sea to me. I’m happy to continue the sharing with you!

I will be incorporating more Hawaiian shell note cards in the Love Letters Press shop in the days to come.

Here’s to the precious treasures that cross our paths!




Creating these cards makes me smile. Sharing them with you brings me happiness. Knowing that you may pass them on to someone you love, well, that’s just a beautiful thing.

All cards are hand-made, with care, on recycled paper.

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