“I think you should do it.”

That’s the Bohemian next to me in the dark. It’s past bedtime and I’m draining my brain of the last bits of random thoughts, asking his advice.

I’ve recently learned of a craft fair soon to take place on our island, and I’m wondering if I should actually get a table and share my photography note cards. The deadline to submit an application is approaching. Newbies, must enter their craft to be juried.

The Bohemian’s bedtime affirmation seals the deal. I enter my cards. I receive approval and an application. I submit necessary paperwork. I download free online guides offering advice on what to bring to a craft fair. I steep myself in inventory management.


2014-05-10_crafters fair


I have never been much of a craft fair shopper, and except for that one summer in Massachusetts when I sat with my friend and her hand painted silk scarves, I have never been a vendor at one.

Now, I have about 200 note cards, and a box packed with tape, glue, pens, (a ton of one dollar bills), and a variety of table accessories. I am officially selling my wares at an event I know little about, on a day that seems to be jam-packed with festivals, fairs and gatherings, island-wide. If you’re looking for something to do on Kauai on May 10th, well, take your pick.

This day before Mother’s Day, there will be music at the Bay, orchids at the mall, a centennial celebration at the County building, and a rally of activists to garner signatures placing a non-GMO charter amendment on the ballot. If none of that suits you, you can choose from at least four craft fairs occurring at each compass point of the island. And if you’re in the mood, they’ve even fired up the old-fashioned plantation train and are offering free rides for what is now being deemed, “Train Day.”

Or, of course, you could come by the Kauai Veteran’s Center and visit me.


I’ll be the one surrounded by craft fair masters, hoping they will be kind as I fumble my way through a virgin table set-up. I’ll have the Bohemian there for steadiness and humor. But after a certain time I know he will tire of vending, and I’ll lose the draw of his good looks to the aisles of nearby Home Depot. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t blame him for stopping by the lawn of the County building for the free food and hula.

In the end, I know the outcome doesn’t really matter in this crafting/selling venture of mine. I’m in it for the experience, and any scenario will at least provide for a great story (which will make its way here to the Archives, I’m sure).

It’s been with great pleasure over this last year that I’ve been gifting these note cards to friends and family. Putting an array of them out on a table for display is just another way of sharing the love. Making connections.

And as always, following some thread….

Wish me luck. I’ll keep you posted.

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