The Bohemian continues to amaze me with his determination, as he opens up space on our back hillside. He takes out  scattered invasive trees, making room for two large Banyans to stretch their limbs. Nothing will go to waste.

He’s holding a vision for terraced gardens and meandering paths back there. Anything cut is “organized” and stacked into strategic piles, as he shapes future growing beds.

In the clearing, he’s discovered multiple saplings seeking light. Two citrus trees, two mangos, an avocado tree, and many sprouting coconuts. He even found a fruiting pineapple. Our guess? Past inhabitants of our house must have chucked fruit remains off the deck, over the hillside, and into the trees. A few strong ones survived and persevered. Seeds and pits took hold.

The Bohemian’s opening it up. Offering some room to grow, letting in the light.

2014-05-05_open hillside

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