Note Cards from Love Letters Press


The circle of sharing widens, as some of my favorite images from For the Archives are now available as note cards at my Etsy shop, Love Letters Press.

Each week on the Archives, I’ll feature a card and its accompanying story (because every image has a tale).

Joining me in the introduction of this series, is my friend the grasshopper. It seems fitting, as this friendly little insect arrived at an auspicious time.

It had to have been around midnight. The Bohemian and I were deep into our wedding invitation-making project, up into the wee hours crafting handmade invites for our upcoming nuptials. In the midst of paper scraps and ribbon, this grasshopper alighted on to the center of our table. It bounced like a blessing, light-as-a-feather, all about our invitations. Eventually it settled on to this fresh-cut zinnia, where it was kind enough to let me snap a shot.



Creating these cards makes me smile. Sharing them with you brings me happiness. Knowing that you may pass them on to someone you love, well, that’s just a beautiful thing.

All cards are hand-made, with care, on recycled paper.

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