With my recent opening of a shop on Etsy, I’ve been feeling just a bit out of my element. It’s been an inspiring process of sharing my photography note cards with more people, but I’m definitely in new territory.

Etsy’s world features a kaleidoscope of work from some incredible artisans and master collectors. For shoppers, it’s a treasure trove of handcrafted items and vintage finds. As a shopkeeper, I’m diving into the Etsy storefront sea, full of Tips and Guides, Favorites and Follows.

Me and my little handmade note cards, we just got in the big kid’s pool and I’m learning how to tread in deeper waters.

So I’ll take it as a sign from the Powers That Be, when on yesterday’s beach walk, I found a supersonic diving light. Yes, right there at my feet, resting in the sand, was a huge specimen of a light source: the “UK Sunlight D8.” This is no ordinary flashlight.

Fashioned more like a gun that takes aim, the whole apparatus weighs about five pounds and even provides a handy wristband for safekeeping (though apparently it did not prevent its previous owner from losing it). The light still works, though I wonder if I could ever afford the cost of the replacement batteries that power this behemoth.

This is a diver’s light. Something used underwater at great depths, in order to shine the way for a human that is daring to explore foreign territory, in elements not of their own.

Yes, a light has been cast upon my path.

Twin lamp technology
waterproof to 500 feet
high intensity xenon

When this massive mystery light peeked out at me from the bushes at my feet, I looked all around but did not see a soul in sight. So I took the illuminating tool. Carried it all the way home, trying to maximize its resource by doing bicep curls along the way, until my arms just got too tired.

I’m sure the Bohemian and Jeb will have hours of entertainment just shining it around in the yard at night.

Me, I’ll probably use it most for metaphor. The flashlight description stamped on the side (shared above) makes for a decent poem in itself, I think.

I’m grateful for a little luminosity as I move about in the unfamiliar waters of virtual storefronts and online sales. A spotlight helps to hone my focus. And in light of that, I’ll state it here in case I lose sight.

I love to find beauty in an ordinary moment. It’s even more special when I can share it. If someone else feels inspired by that sharing, well then, the circle is complete. The appreciation grows. The love spreads. This makes me feel very happy.

I’ve been gifting friends and family my photography note cards for about a year now. Images that were once featured here on the Archives are now placed upon note cards, blank and waiting to hold the words of those choosing to mail a good old-fashioned letter. The inspiration of art passes through more hands. The sharing continues.

That is my beam of light. That is what I am illuminating. Sharing with you, you sharing with others. Pass it on…

Now that, lights me up.

photo courtesy of Amanda
photo courtesy of Amanda

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