2014-04-02_bench distantThis isn’t poetry or fine photography. But it’s art all the same, though it’s not mine.

This did start with pencil and paper. The Bohemian and I by lamp light, sketching out our garden plot. I was thinking of a resting place by our would-be vegetables. Somewhere to take a load off. And then I remembered that we were yet to figure out what to do with the downed Ironwood tree.

We’d taken all of the branches that could easily be cut with a chainsaw, and chopped them up into firewood. But the largest part of the trunk was huge, and too big to be put in a chipper for mulch.

Any chance we could use it to make a bench?

Inspired, chainsaw in hand, the Bohemian went to work, slicing the trunk in half and creating these beautiful, solid benches.

I don’t know exactly why, but simply gazing upon them makes me happy. Sitting on them is just plain dreamy.

I love functional art!

2014-04-02_bench close

4 thoughts on “The Art of Using What You Have

  1. Nice, Jess. Besides a place to admire the garden from, also a place to put baskets full of color. We start major work in our garden tomorrow after the ground dries out a little, sprinkling now.


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