2014-03-22_merlin reflection

Baby chicks are used to living in clutches, so it was recommended that we keep our orphaned peep, Merlin, company by placing a mirror in his living quarters.

After observing him for days with his mirror, I couldn’t help but sense that he knew he was looking at himself. And that the experience was rather profound, this gazing upon himself in all of his chickenhood. A rare opportunity in the lifetime of a rooster.

We’ll never know for sure if he was fooled into thinking he was with other kin. One thing’s for sure, Merlin was no ordinary bird.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection

    1. He did. In fact he rather forced his way into our life, refusing to stop following my husband when they crossed paths in the forest one day. He quickly took to following our whole family once we brought him home. He was such a special bird. Then one day, he simply disappeared.


  1. Super cute post Jessica! I can’t tell you how amazing the image is of you strolling along the beach with Merlin. That’s such a terrific moment… glad you shared that one.

    I used to have a pet pigeon growing up so this definitely brought back memories for me.


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