Yesterday the sum total due became official. I may have picked up tax documents, but I opted to focus on the distant, gushing waterfalls that poured forth from the verdant cliffs that cradled the accountant’s office. Yes, this is what tax season looks like in paradise. And I chose to keep my eyes to the beauty, despite the larger-than-expected sum we are being taxed. Hold my perspective to the rich streams of water flowing, rather than dwell upon decimals and numbers.

After leaving the accountant, I stopped by our old dwelling. My friend stood there in the garden, overgrown with the eggplant The Bohemian planted there last Fall. She cut and clipped until my bag was overflowing, bursting with kale, cilantro, arugula, papaya, grapefruit, and plenty of eggplant.

Abundance abounds.

Value lives in that which we deem worthy.

What can rival the wealth of the earth?

Thanks to Bryanna Chapeskie’s blog, “The Home of Art” which featured the work of Deanna Staffo in a recent posting. This illustration says it all.

illustration Deanna Staffo

4 thoughts on “Riches of the Earth

    1. Since it appears there is no escaping the ‘pain,’ I’m working with trying to find the positive in a challenging situation. A lifelong practice- taxes, or whatever may come. Love the premise of your blog. I used to live in a converted bus, myself! Thanks for stopping by the Archives.


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