This morning’s jog- I just skipped it.

As in, I circumvented routine. Thought outside the box. Changed it up. Did something new.

I literally skipped instead of ran.

Like many ingenious breakthroughs, this was born of necessity and purely spontaneous. The impetus was faulty shoulder straps that continually slipped off my shoulders as I began my morning jog (note to self: Kmart sports bras are not meant to last three years). This annoyance seemed unavoidable even though I tried to stay mindful of my posture. Jogging just seems to encourage forward, rounding shoulders.

Still wanting more than a casual walk, I intuitively segued into a skip. My torso was more upright, my face more lifted to the world. Shoulder straps stayed in place. Physically more aligned, I also felt a buoyancy in my step which stemmed to the corners of my mouth, perking up a subtle smile. I liked this skipping business.

In all the fun, I checked myself. Yes, I was a forty-year old woman skipping down a gravel dirt road. Should someone see me, would I look ridiculous? I reminded myself I should be too old to care. I skipped on.

As I bounded down the lane in morning sunlight, the adult in me wondered about possible medical research done on the physical effects of skipping versus jogging. Is one better than the other? Have studies been done?

Sshhh my inner Skipper said. Forget the stats. This is your field study. You’re sweating and smiling. Just skip away.

The sound of tires on loose stone moved behind me in the distance. A car was approaching. I wondered if I should slow my canter and play it cool. I could wind down to a casual walk or move into a socially unquestioned jog.

Instead, I reasoned that the unabashed, devil-may-care path could equate to ultra-cool, and I opted to continue skipping. The car did not slow and passed uneventfully. I skipped on, bolstered in my boldness.

With each lilting hop, I reflected on cities around the world, their jogging centers filled with humans pounding pavement. Each of those persons was desiring a little extra oxygen, some kind of lift. Imagine if they all began to skip! What a vision!

Would there be more eye contact amongst them? Would smiles trump “no pain, no gain.” Running tracks could turn playful. Serious adults may find themselves having more fun in their daily exercise regimen. This could be revolutionary! The positive implications could be endless. Why, the lightness of skipping could possibly bring peace on earth!

Well, it brought me a smile this morning.

courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski
courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski

11 thoughts on “Just Skip It

  1. Maja sent me the link to this song, that she came across one long night

    when I heard it this post of yours skipped into my consciousness
    with a smile I share it here


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