One thing I love about travel is being able to live the lines where similar and different blur. Seems no matter where you go, there are things that are the same all over, yet often expressed in just a little different way.

A change of scenery, seeing the familiar in new settings, offers fresh perspectives. We view ourselves and the world from new angles.

2013-11-18_carosel reflection

2013-11-18_crystal garden

2013-11-18_mosiac reflection


Since these shots were taken on our recent trip to Chicago, I can’t help but think of those in the mid-west, recently affected by the severe weather of over 80 tornadoes. When we checked in with our friends who live there, they told us they’d decided to harness the gusts and get in an end-of-the-season windsurfing session in.

Not everyone was able to play.

Today I send good wishes, peace, ease, and speedy recovery to all of those impacted by the storm. May we all remain humble in the face of Mother Nature and stay grateful for all the precious things.

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