We usually don’t know what we’ve missed…because we missed it.

It passed us by, unnoticed. We were looking somewhere else, thinking about something different.

Moments, details, events of all kinds, they occur every second, just within our awareness, yet we will never know of these gajillion happenings.

And then there are the misses we are all too familiar with. The ones that got away. The disappointments. The knowledge that despite how much we tried to get it, hold it, keep it, the forces at play just did not allow our grasping.

A simple moment, a special person, a dream experience coming true that you know, like everything, has a beginning and an end.

It’s all moving.

2013-10-07_sunflowers moving

In Mary’s garden this weekend I tried to capture nature in all its blooming glory. But I was dealing with elements beyond my control. Things like light and wind. These dictates do not care about photo ops. They tease me with breeze as I try pausing motion into stillness with a click.

2013-10-7_basil moving

So many misses in life will never be known.

And for those losses that we are, in fact, well-aware of, we rarely broadcast them.

So why not? Here’s to failed attempts. To what I didn’t get. To celebrating that there are things beyond my control. To the humbling reminder that greater forces are at work.

2013-10-07_carrot moving

And to celebrating with even more appreciation, when I’m gifted a little perfect moment of my own to keep and share.


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