Leave it to nature to take care of the big picture. Which, for me, is often zooming in on something small in the natural world. Like a flower.

Yesterday’s post, Among the Seven Billion, was a bit heavy. A reflection of what was weighing in my mind with those hefty statistics on humanity’s health and well-being (or lack, thereof). I don’t think the problem of poverty in the world can be solved with the mind alone. Certainly my worry won’t help.

But in the garden, all is well. The moist, loamy soil lifts to the air, blending with a waft of fresh chlorophyl from the ginger and turmeric stalks. My body is renewed with reminders, grounding me in the here and now.

Looking down, I am gifted with the gem of a treasure. A flower that signals medicine to come.

2013-09-26_olena flower

Turmeric, or olena (in Hawaiian) was one of the approximately two dozen plants brought to Hawaii by the Polynesian voyagers. With a canoe, a mighty sail ahead, and only the stars to guide them, any item in these ancient navigators’ boats had to be necessary. The healing root of olena was among one of those chosen.

Medicinally, it is anti-bacterial, a blood purifier, and it alleviates inflammation in the body. Its purifying effects are used in spiritual ceremonies, as well, where the crushed root is mixed with sea water in a calabash, and sprinkled by a ti leaf with prayers.

We all can use a little purification, some good medicine.

I’ve kept a quote from Georgia O’Keefe at my desk for years. I think about my reference to her Calla Lilies yesterday. My turmeric flower today.

I may not have any answers right now of how to help the billions in this world that are in need. But I can can take the time to look at what’s before me.

“Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.” ~ Georgia O’Keefe

Here’s to really seeing…

2 thoughts on “Time to See

  1. LOVE the olena flower shot, you really captured her beauty:) just came across this name, had to pass it on, a writer in the garden island, Vesselina Jeliazkova, sounds like your lineage!


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