It was one full moon ago that the dragon began stirring. Dragonfruit, that is. Which, in its cactus-ey, spinal column-like adherence to our outdoor shower wall, it began to morph, bud, and bloom.

Seems this “Queen of the Night” responds well to full moonlight, as we watched hard succulent skin, unfold in the darkness to reveal the softest petals and hair-fine stamen. The fragrance was subtle and sweet. The pollinators loved it. And we needed the bees to buzz. Their assistance would ensure fruiting. Something that we were told would, quite possibly, not be accomplished.

“I’ve seen blooms on my dragonfruit multiple times, but never got fruit from it.”

When our impressive flowers withered, we wondered.

One month later, the full Harvest moon. Just as quickly as last month’s flowers emerged, this cycle offers blushing shades of pink spreading across folds of fruit-in-the-making.

It looks like the bees were successful!

This soon-to-come harvest in process, bodes well on our days. The Bohemian has been staking out spots for planting over 300 new trees. Holes get dug, while our eyes can only scan the field, imagining. What takes root now, later fruits for future.

Me, I’m readying to share a book with the world, fulfilling a vision I’ve held since I was seven years old and pressing fingertips on the keys of a manual typewriter.

On this full moon, as we near the autumnal equinox, here’s to a fruitful harvest for all!

For those just tuning in, here’s the dragonfruiting process revisited:



became this…


And then began budding into this…


Blooming in moonlight…


pollinated by morning…



2013-09-20_dragonfruiting closest


2013-09-20_dragonfruiting close

to bear fruit.


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