We are a cliché, the Bohemian and I, as we sigh at the end of Sunday saying, “The weekend is over already?!”

We are laughing at ourselves living out such a dreadful stereotype, but it’s no joke. Our ‘off’ days seem to go by too quickly.

We savor the haven of down time we do have, seeking out nooks of reprieve where we can.

The end of our weekend was spent with two nine-year old boys, sweaty and giggling, and spilling over with much more energy than what matched our mellow Sunday simmer. We steered them toward the bike path with their skateboards, then found ourselves a little pocket of paradise in the shade.

They practiced skate tricks while we reclined beneath the Ironwoods. Me, I took the ‘mom nap’, sort of resting, but keeping one eye open to the nearby concrete that was repeatedly bombarded with rolling wheels, skidding board tails, and random exclamations like, “Awesome! That was boss!”

That was Sunday…

Now it’s Monday morning.


2013-09-16_glass jar ocean

2013-09-16_ocean view

2013-09-16_Jeb skate

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