With a rare Sunday to ourselves, the Bohemian and I take cues from the monk seals. Make our way to the warm sand, land, and move little. Let the trade winds cool us in the dappled shade of Naupaka branches.

Think little, do nothing. Rest.

Mary stops by to find our beached bodies. In her basket is lemonade in a mason jar and Dragonfruit with spoons. Seems this weekend’s farmer’s market was filled with harvest and she’s got plenty to share.

Our Dragonfruit at home (the story of their epic flower power is chronicled here) are still in process – we’ll see if they fruit.

But we get a taste on this relaxing Sunday. We breathe deeply. Imbibe the sweet. Let go and lounge.

2013-09-02_naupaka sky

2013-09-02_dried naupaka

2013-09-02_dragonfruit ariel

2013-09-02_dragonfruit close2

2013-09-02_dragonfruit close1

2013-09-02_branches sepia

8 thoughts on “Imbibing the Sweet

  1. Yes! There will be a time when many farmers at the market will have it, and then, the window closes and it’s gone for a time again. Keep your eyes open for it (we’ve moved to a new abode and have yet to cultivate our own).


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