Having no experience with Dragonfruit, except the rare occasion of eating one, the past few days have been filled with fascination as Jeb, the Bohemian, and I all watch this magic fruit unfurl.

Change occurs suddenly, in dramatic flourishes. Buds unfold, bloom huge, then move quickly to new stages.

Most intriguing has been the Dragonfruit’s propensity to flower in moonlight, which we’ve since learned, lends the name “Moonflower” or “Queen of the Night.” With the full moon illuminating petals, we watch in wonder at these delicate blossoms, knowing that they will eventually bear fruit, but almost disbelieving how.

It’s magic!




Bees are fascinated, too.


Full bloom in moonlight.


Queen of the Night.


Blooming is over, moving on to the next phase…


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