My last post documented the day trip the Bohemian and I took to Oahu this week.

What I didn’t mention was that our brief seven hours in Honolulu was a trip that would determine the course of our lives forever.

We washed the red garden dirt from our feet and flew to our neighbor island for a mission that swirled with planes, buses, downtown streets and busy highways. In the midst of the buzz, we carved out 45 minutes of time in the oasis.

Walking two miles across town to Foster Botanical Gardens our aim was ground out with the big trees. Sit in the shade. Breathe.

Which we did. We even got the blessing of the Bo Tree, a direct descendent of the Bodhi Tree in India, where the Buddha sat and received enlightenment.

And though we may not have become full awakened, our trip was certainly blessed.

The results of our great, big city undertaking are yet to be officially revealed. The details of our journey, still percolate inside of me.

More will be articulated, I’m sure.

But for now I rest in the beauty of the big trees. Where in their presence, there’s no need for words.

2013-08-09_inner flower

2013-08-09_tree top Oahu



Bodhi Tree leaves
Bodhi Tree leaves

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