Not that anything is wrong. It’s just that if life were tectonic plates, they’d be shifting underneath me with a bit of a shimmied rumble right now. There’s movement enough that books could be slipping from the shelves. Dishes in the cupboard are a-rattling.

No need for stagnation. Moving and shaking is good. Just a bit disconcerting at times.

And it’s interesting to see how big change can weave through my days and my being, coloring my practices.

I’m sleeping a bit more. Then coming to my writing screen, sometimes, a bit less inspired.

This morning I sit and seek clues. My eyes rest on the sheet of paper called “Movie Recommendations” found in yesterday’s office drawer sorting project. There is a sub-group of titles under the category of the theme “Stepping Out of Doubts and Fears.” My glance lands on the last of the list, “Touching the Void.”

I’ve seen the movie. My situation is not the same, but maybe I’m living my own tamer version of facing the unknown. This morning I reach fingers deep into the soil of me and find layers unidentified. Not necessarily a void, but nothing substantive either. Maybe if I dug deeper more could be felt.

And then all of a sudden, I remember it’s May 29th. That exactly six months ago the Bohemian and I got married. I see that he tackled the pile of dirty silverware in the sink and all is now sparkling in the dish drainer. I am touched. I am touching something.

Underneath moving boxes, budget projections, and math homework, there is an essence quite substantial, and it’s bigger than a name. As a big as a void and somehow connected.

It seems to understand about shifting plates – the ones below the surface and the ones on my shelf. Perhaps it’s the very force that moves them.

This morning there is no more time to think about it. No image to accompany this post. I can’t even seek shelter in a doorway. Time to move about the world while it all quakes beneath me.

Enjoy the ride.

5 thoughts on “Shifting Plates

    1. thanks for taking time to let me know that I was able to communicate something you could relate to. If there was a fly on the wall the day this post got written…I was literally toasting bagels for Jeb, trying to get ready for the bus stop drop off, and in between, editing and writing snippets for this piece. My world was quaking and unsteady and chaotic and I just decided to hit Publish and let it just be what it was – unsettled. It’s twice now I’ve written something and had second thoughts later and you have chimed in that you appreciated and ‘got’ it. go figure. your feedback is so appreciated. 🙂


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