Jeb discovers a katydid trapped in a spider’s lair, just outside our front window. One of these leaf-winged insects made its way on to the Archives recently, with a posted titled “A New Leaf“.

We are turning over our own proverbial new leaf, as we prepare to move July 1.

The Bohemian wants to leave things better than we found them, so even though he’ll no longer be reaping the fruits of his labor, he spends Sunday afternoon turning over a garden bed and removing weeds. He lays cardboard at the bottom and replenishes with fresh soil. He’ll be planting easy-care, edible ground covers like mint and marjoram.

I come outside to soak in the harvest. The last one for us from this garden.

I’m sorry for the katydid, but I guess this is part of the life cycle. Seed and harvest, new and old, life and death.

The one ever-present constant, change.




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