With all this talk of following the whispers (yesterday’s post), there’s a bit of woo woo in the air.  So what if I’m conjuring up meaning more than any rationalist would tolerate?  I’m hitting pause on the logic button and following my threads with the mind of a child and a heart open in curiosity.  Why?  Because it’s more fun!

I live for some goosebumped reality, unfolding like a treasure map. Who knows what’s buried at the X spot, but it can be enjoyable just watching for signs along the way.

It’s been said that magic happens in 3’s.  And this is the third time the Bohemian and I have been up close and personal with our neighborhood owl.  Though, this time the Bohemian was without me, but with his handy point and shoot camera.

Face to face in broad daylight with one wise bird of the night.  Seems magical to me (and pretty darn close).

courtesy of the Bohemian~ all rights reserved
courtesy of the Bohemian~ all rights reserved

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