I over-sleep and miss my early morning writing hour.

Instead, I begin the day by snapping lids on to Tupperware containers full of crackers, making beds, and brewing coffee.  First light is filled with the mundane.

I notice the handful of stems from the Bohemian’s garden.  Flowers sitting in a jar at the center of our table.  Their simplicity, profound.

It’s true – flowers made me smile this morning.

Too dark inside, I bring them to our balcony ledge.  Attempt to archive their beauty.  These blooms, opening my day.


3 thoughts on “What a Jar of Flowers Can Do

  1. Hi Jessica , I have a question regarding your pictures. You usually have your name on them. How do you insert your name on your pictures? Thanks


    1. I never used to watermark my photos and only started recently. To be honest, I’m still not sure I like doing it because I feel like it detracts from the photo. However, Google searches for images changed in the last months and now the viewers are shown an image without having to go to the website that sourced them. This prompted me to want to at least have some way of connecting myself to my work – hence the watermark. I’ve found Visual Watermark serves my very minimal purposes (and I think they may be based in Amsterdam, which you could appreciate:)).


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