Four months ago, today, the Bohemian and I pledged our love for life.

I write that line and realize, that yes, we both love life and are quite committed to that enjoyment.

Read another way, and you’ll catch the meaning of what I initially intended.  We made a commitment to our Love for a lifetime.

photo courtesy of Amy Vanderhoop
photo courtesy of Amy Vanderhoop

It seems longer than four months since we got married.  We laugh that the ‘longer’ is felt in a good way.  So close we feel, it’s as though we’ve been together many years.

I hope we get a long and vibrant life with each other.  And in that expanse of time, that we can pass through the seasons in natural simplicity.  Let the elements shape us.  Ever-deepening our love.  Sharing it with others.


Spring is in the air and garden plants hold fresh promises.  Here’s to all things new and flowering.









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