Does it all rest with a ‘w’?

One letter and a complete change in perspective.

Whole, and it’s complete. Hole, and there’s a void.

Or is there?

Working with the theories of some pioneering physicists, one could say that the world we know is essentially made up of space – a vacuum. Holes?

I’ve seen Nassim Haramein speak about his nine-year old epiphany with ‘dots’. It’s all dots. From the stars in the outer cosmos to the atoms vibrating in your fingertips. An infinite continuum of dots, micro to macro. Not opposing, but complimentary.  Full of…emptiness?

Thanks to for this summary of Haramein’s unified field theory. Something to sip on with your morning coffee.

“The Holofractographic Universe theory is a unified field theory resulting from over two decades of investigation into the geometry of hyper-dimensional systems and their relation to the creation of three-dimensional reality and all of its forces—including consciousness.

The premise of The Holofractographic Unified Field Theory research is that space is not empty, it is full. It is full of an energy that, through a specific set of fractal geometry, creates atomic structures that are themselves made of 99.999% space. It is a sea of electromagnetic flux we call the zero point energy, which has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt, since its mechanical effects have now been measured in laboratories.

This is nothing new, most ancient civilizations believed in a primordial soup of energy embedded within the fabric of space and in a primary geometric pattern coordinating creation. Later many of the world’s great thinkers, including such scientists as Albert Einstein, Nicolas Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, and Walter Russell, believed in an all prevailing energy at the base of the fabric of space.”




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