Multiple elements bring pieces of glass to my kitchen.

Earthen ingredients fired to liquid.

Melted, shaped.

Then cooled in air.

The ball, an antique fishing net float, living in Japanese waters.

One day it broke free of its trappings, beginning a long drift to Hawaii, where it washed ashore at my feet. Back among its origins, lolling in sand.

Who knows the life of the blue glass chip. Was the bottle from which it came, passed around with celebratory swigs? Smoothed and worn with watery waves and sea salt grit, its landlocked now, this shard.

Earth, fire, and air combine, creating delicacies refracting light. These pieces floated their round-trip on water, a massive sea. Made their way to me, as treasure.



5 thoughts on “Elemental Treasures

  1. I like how they “made their way to me, as treasure”, which expresses your valuing of these gifts from the sea. I enjoy how you inspire me to value this everyday details too. Thank you. Hope your feeling better!


    1. If only we knew the journey taken by these little treasures that wash ashore. I think we’d be astounded and in awe at the odds that our paths crossed at all. Thanks for reading, Steven. Still healing but, somehow, posting on the Archives makes me feel more ‘normal.’


      1. Yes, and isn’t the same true for us … family, friends, serendipitous meetings with strangers that become friends – the journey’s we’ve been on and how extraordinary that our paths have crossed, each influencing the other in a vast tapestry of connectedness. Each, tiny in and of itself, and each part of this awesome wholeness. Obvious perhaps, yet often overlooked, and amazing when seen and appreciated. Everyday treasures!


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