In the tortoise shell-like dome, we lay low to the earth and sweat our prayers.

Steam rises from the rocks that hiss and sing. High pitched, sizzles respond to humble requests.

Outside this sweat lodge, trees eavesdrop in leaves that droop in dusty film.

Please may it rain.

May the earth be able to soak up the showers with full absorbency.

May the Bohemian’s parents have a smooth and easy passage in their journey from Czech to here.

Thank you.

Next day, Baggage Claim. The Bohemian stands with his mother and father, draping them in plumeria leis in the open-air terminal.

Clouds crack and a deluge fully falls.

Their eyes grow big, concerned.

The Bohemian assures them. “Don’t worry. It will do that for ten minutes and then just pass.”

Hawaiians say rains mean a blessing.

We are showered in answered prayers.

In the swirl of the pre-wedding current, I remind myself to soak it up.

Let each precious drop – these fleeting moments – permeate with full absorbency.

photo courtesy of Mark Sebastian

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