The light shifts to golden September hues, as autumn slowly seeps onto center stage.

Yesterday’s post was titled “Space.”  Today seems, aptly, to be named “Time.”

Like some cliché of an “adult”, I’m thinking about time and how it passes.  Sometimes racing with it.  Sometimes watching it slip through my fingers.  On occasion I dwell in the place where it does not reign, where I’m free from its ticking illusion.

This morning we are all spinning through stardust in a vast universe, swirling through sunrises and sunsets. Trees root and birds fly.  We chew our breakfast.  Jot down future appointments in our calendars.

courtesy of jikatu – art by Salvador Dali

I can type away here, but we have a 6:55am meet-up with a yellow school bus and my son needs to be there to climb on board.

Another day on planet earth – in time, on time, free of time…whatever we are doing, something is passing.  May we soak it up as precious, inhaling every oxygen particle that lives between the moments.

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