“If there is a Domain where enduring Joy can be found and a kind of Knowledge which solves all problems that here distress the soul of men, then what is of greater importance than that men should find the Way to reach this Domain?”

Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways through to Space

I read the above quote and can’t help but reflect on the recent “Curiosity” landing on Mars. A one-ton rover, making a 354 million-mile journey, descending from 13,000 miles per hour to two, slowing to land with delicate precision upon its dusty surface.

courtesy of NASA

A milestone in space history? Most definitely. A fantastic feat? By all means. And am I, too, curious of what could be discovered on Mars? Yes, of course.

But I’m also curious what else we could do with the $2.5 billion it takes to fund this roving seeker-of-clues. Maybe something right here at home, where we still have some chores to do before we leave the house for a new adventure.

Curious about this Domain that Merrell-Wolff speaks of. Is it possible that our own human form can be the ultimate traveling vessel? That if we quiet ourselves enough – body, mind, spirit – we may find a place within that can take us to the answer of every eager question?

Is it possible that we could find some quintessential space/place, beyond geographical mapping, inside our very selves? A landscape within our being that transcends all launches and landings. Could this Domain exist as more than just a place to leave or go, but rather a divine state, to not only be experienced, but lived?

That to go there wouldn’t cost a dime but for our intention and our time.

I’m curious.

7 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. Yes, yes, yes. Even to get part-way there is worth the time and effort. And like the Curiosity collecting clues, it gets easier as we become more familiar with our internal landscapes. But always, the two and a half billion dollar question must be asked.


    1. Well, sometimes the effort feels as though that desired space of divine experience is further away than Mars! Glad to hear that you’ve found it gets easier with more familiarity. Life seems to present the opportunities to better acquaint ourselves with our internal landscapes, if we are willing to look within. And yes, looking at ourselves is cost-free – the only thing to lose is illusion.

      Being that I cannot really fathom $2.5 billion, I ask this with genuine curiosity. Would that money be enough to let the whole world pause for just one day? No money needing to be made. Just a walk in the woods or a sit on a stool. One day to actually rest and simply be. Imagine if the whole world knew that everyone was doing this as the collective human race on planet earth? This would be a sound investment! In fact, how can we afford not to?

      Thanks, Dad!


      1. With nearly 7 billion people on earth, we might need more than $2.5 billion to take a day off, however, I really like the idea. Let’s just start with us! 🙂


      2. You are correct. Though, if we’re going to dream big, could we dream that one day could go by where we did not need money? Yes, it does start with us! Here’s to the pauses (maybe if even for short intervals throughout a day, a week, a month…a lifetime!).


  2. FMW is one of my favorite authors and, of course, I have read the source text of his awakening. What you are exploring here is a vital question and I love the clear and succinct way you have framed it. FMW does offer important clues to the answers for those willing to enquire. Thanks Jessica.


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