Mutual Appreciation

Continuing on with my alphabetical appreciation, I enlist the help of the Bohemian to come up with the next selection of our combined count of thankful things.

courtesy of TooFarNorth












courtesy of TooFarNorth












courtesy of TooFarNorth












courtesy of TooFarNorth












courtesy of El Bibliomata












The Bohemian, smiling:  “For you.”

Me:  “That starts with a ‘y’ not a ‘u’.”

The Bohemian:  “Right, ok.  How about…”

courtesy of TooFarNorth












courtesy of TooFarNorth

VACATION (Jessica)

VITALITY (Bohemian)









courtesy of TooFarNorth

WATER (Jessica)

WIND (Bohemian)









(special thanks to TooFarNorth for all of the great letters!)

X, Y, Z tomorrow…





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