Sometimes in the Archives, I’ll let pictures speak their thousand.  Pause on words and share an image.

And then, once in a while, a song finds its way to my ears and takes me down in a humble bow to the power of sound.  In this place, beyond the mind, there is only feeling.  Where every cell is plucked to quiver in remembrance.  Where connection is not a concept, but an experience.

Yesterday, a monotonous project on the computer was transformed by the music of Ben Howard.  I stumbled across a KCRW studio session of him performing “Depth Over Distance” and suddenly, there was more at hand than Quickbooks accounting.  Life breathed new through song.

Music is medicine.  Here’s a swig of the sonic elixir.

3 thoughts on “A Swig of the Sonic Elixir- Ben Howard’s Depth Over Distance

    1. Thanks, Katie! Yes, check out all of Ben Howard’s music. I’m enamored at the moment. I use ‘sonic elixir’ as a way to describe my dose of “Music as Medicine”, a radio program I host on KKCR-FM – Kauai Community Radio. You can get a taste of aloha 24/7 by logging on to Thanks for your comment!


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