I wake
open the door
to fresh morning light
seeping on to
the plumeria tree
the one the Bohemian’s been watering
it overflows in flowers
too much to hold
blooms sprinkle and fall
in the slightest breeze

besides observing the evidence
of prolific irrigation
I’m roused by the faint
onset of early traffic
from the nearby
high way
I sift through dreams
of wedding dresses that are too big
and question
whether the Von Trapp family
really walked out of Austria
to escape

I make summertime vows
to learn to sew
so I can wear what I want
wonder if a second cup of coffee
at 5:57am
is inappropriate
think about my girlfriends
who’ve been married for ten years
and how they muster up enthusiasm
for my recent engagement
but I can feel
it’s a tired, trying hope

I wonder at these postings
a potpourri of words
just flashes of passing thought forms
or haphazard?

abundant flowers
an oversized dress
the sound of music
and the seven-year itch

It’s a Tuesday
this morning
as the Shama sings
and all in my house
still sleep

courtesy of trekkyandy

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