Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

Always using what we have, the Bohemian takes the trimmings from the panax hedge and crafts a trellis for the garden tomatoes.

“It’s a project, Jess…” he says with a smile, as he lays out all the pieces on the ground like some giant quilt.

It’s a team effort as I cut twine and hold intersections together while he wraps and ties. Diamond shapes take form as he asks me, “What year is this?”

He’s excited that we are not using nails or other ‘modern’ technology (though, I am using an exacto blade – rather than my teeth or a rock – to cut the twine).

The whole project takes about an hour in a half. We realize a person could have bought a lattice at Wal-mart or the hardware store. And we suppose that would be a normal course of action for someone who doesn’t have the time to tie 20 cross-sections together.

But I know the Bohemian – and I would agree. He doesn’t want to buy it if he doesn’t have to.

Besides, “We’ve got all the time in the world. Right, Jess?” he asks, still wrapping and tying.

That’s how he is with these projects. Casually infusing the ether with magical incantations as he executes seemingly mundane tasks. Planting seeds, digging holes or erecting trellises. He gets the chores done with a twist. Singing “Happy Birthday” to garlic cloves or chanting “beautiful garden” to the basil starts as he plants them. Evoking timelessness through diamond portals as he builds the tomato support.

I go along with the Bohemian and his projects. Glad to be led to the profound through his simple. Let this twine tie transcend us beyond space and time.

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