I think the Archives has turned into a photography blog.

And there is nothing wrong with photography blogs. I love photos. Obviously, as it appears that images, rather than words, seem to be the featured medium on the site, as of late.

I have my theories as to why the thread has woven toward static shots. A picture’s worth a thousand words!

With my mind so full of details and my heart so rich with love lessons, the simplicity of a photo of a flower brings me peace. Is intended to touch your day with a little bit of beauty. No words necessary.

Except that this is a writing blog. Here to chronicle the everyday details of life. Finding the profound in the mundane.

My initial concept for this site was to deny nothing. Allow for everything – no matter how apparently dull – to be the source of inspiration, somehow.

I fleshed out grocery trips to Costco, wrote about newspaper coupons, shoe shopping and broken washing machines. Little did I know I would get an epic love story with the Bohemian between domestic chores. And now, some semblance of a wedding in the Fall.

I’ve chanted the mantra throughout these four-hundred-and-thirty-some-odd posts “follow the thread”. And this thread has led me to find that some things are so intimate they are not yet ready for public sharing. Seeds germinate and take their time before coming to surface in the light. Butterflies metamorphose in their cocoons until they’re ready for flight.

And so the Secret Chronicles begin (I’m such a blab, I’m telling you about them anyway). They are mine for now. Taking a bit of my creative writing juice, these are the written archives of experiences still too close to share. Saved and stowed away. Until maybe one day…

In the meantime, the Archives may have days where words fall short. Photos reign supreme. Or maybe tomorrow it will all be different.

Who knows? We’re all on this wild life journey with no map outlining the exact details of where we’ll travel. We each have a thread we follow.

Today my thread lead to the rose grown in Mary’s garden.

A thousand words.

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

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