I wake from dreams of highways
maneuvering speedways
and making lists

covers shift
arms lift
I sigh to the morning
with my foot
tucked between
his ankles

I know
just outside
there’s a newly planted
garden bed
sunrise rays
shine upon the starts
we planted
last night
by the sliver moon

how the Bohemian
parsed them out
placing pots
atop soil
growth potential

kale with marigolds
the peppers and tomatoes
where do you want the dill?

we could deliberate
with fresh soil
under fingernails
if the sunflower
will shade the strawberries
but then the Shama sings
a serenade
where all maps stop

in this terrain
no need to tame
chaotic lush
full growth
not here
in our little
six by twelve-foot
we’ve got Spirulina in the soil
a year round growing season

let’s just put ’em
in the dirt
let them grow
watch and learn
watch and learn

courtesy of jon.roberts
courtesy of jon.roberts

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