The Bohemian flies out on a short trip and Jeb and I take him to the airport to catch a night flight.

We return home to a quiet house and I tuck Jeb into bed.

There’s a palpable vacancy in the stillness of our home. All of the lights are off in the other room. No splashing at the kitchen sink.

In the blue nightlight of Jeb’s bedroom he says, “I miss him already.”

These past weeks have had me zooming in and out in my perspectives. I’ve been watching chaotic pixelations de-blur to take organized form, then fuzz again on macro-vision. Sliding the view-finder in, then out.

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reservedIt’s good to change the focal point. Feel the differences. Experience absence.

My heart is already full of fondness. Apparently, just growing more.

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