I think you’re supposed to be awake in order to achieve enlightenment.

It’s embarrassing to admit that even the lure of being privy to The Book of Secrets is not enough to keep me conscious. Every time I try to read a bit of Deepak’s sage wisdom, I get about two paragraphs in and promptly fall asleep.

I think the Bohemian found me last night with the book laid across my chest, my eyes shut and my mouth hanging open – not exactly the illuminated state I was seeking.

I’m beginning to wonder what it means if someone offers up a book filled with secrets to the key of life and I simply cannot read it without drifting into dreamland.

I thought I wanted the juiciest secrets divulged. Maybe I’m just not ready.

One thought on “Sleeping Through the Secrets

  1. It’s just that Deep Sleep IS the Secret. You can see the hint in the author’s name: “Deep” is right there in the name. Deep Sleep is Formless Consciousness. You’re on track!


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