According to yesterday’s WordPress site statistics, the search engine term “encouraging screen saver” brought three seekers to the Archives.

After a two week stint of Jeb being ill, I have been trying to catch up on all things that fell by the wayside. A mission that seems to have pulled me from my beloved writing hour these past days.

I feel like a cliched, old person caught in the typical rat race when I say I’m seeking more hours in the day. Oh, please let that not be me.

I read yesterday’s search term listing and recoil in an image of the Archives trapped in some static screen save, forever frozen in my last post from (gasp) three days ago.

I note the entire term includes the word “encouraging”, so I’ll perpetuate the positive here. Forget copyright for the moment and hope someone found an image that somehow touched them. Remind myself that life has cycles and this is merely a short pause in a long life of creative expression.

Right now, it’s well past time to get Jeb up for breakfast. These words are a random and hopeful stretch. I have no photo for this post. Sorry, screen saver seekers, your search will come up short.

Looks like today is a simple announcement (mostly to myself) that this site may be on a pause of sorts, but it’s not yet static.

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