Continuing on my exploration of foreign terrain, I divinate with Neale Donald Walsch‘s deck of cards – all in Czech.

Known for his book series, Conversations with God, Walsch offers these “cards of awareness” with different thoughts to contemplate, depending on which card you select.

Neale Donald Walsch

There are those that may say it can be challenging to hear the voice of God, let alone carry on an entire conversation together. It is even more of a stretch when you’re speaking different languages. So for me, this Hovory s Bohem is carried on only by the grace of Google Translate tools.

Clearly these cards are on loan. And if you’ve been following the Archives as of late, you’ll know from whence they’ve come. If you’re just tuning in, well, I’ve been surprising myself with the level of candidness with which I’ve been publicly sharing my recent friendship with the man who’s come to be referred to as the Bohemian Lover.

He seems to love all things, from the Dragonfruit starts he sprouted from seed, to the grey kitten that follows him around like a young girl in love. He also, apparently, appreciates the occasional hovory with God via a convenient and portable deck of cards.

When he graciously shares them with me, it’s like stepping into another world. All of the letters on the cards are placed in new combinations. Foreign diacritical marks make exotic shapes on paper. Just viewing the words seem to transport me to unknown realms.

Of course, when it’s my turn to divinate a card, I’m hopeful that I will draw something that reflects me in all of my highest virtues. I’m hoping it’s magic and love and all things miraculous that will be conveyed in the card I pull.

These are the words, that appear on my selection:
Nic není bolestivé samo o sobě. Ta bolest je způsobena špatným myšlení.

Roughly translated:
Nothing is not painful in itself. The pain is due to bad thinking. (Gotta love the double negative).

How do you spell “wha-wah”?

Hardly the ethereal, heavenly message reflecting the beauty of my innermost soul that I had hoped for.

The Bohemian Lover tries to (lovingly) translate this for me. But has a bit of trouble. Understandably.

Mmmm. Perhaps in the realm of love and God there is some room for things to get lost in translation. Maybe because these things are beyond the mind and words and logic.

Though I’m not feeling like I am in pain, it’s true that in these recently explored, uncharted areas of the heart, I do at times feel afraid. I suppose that pain is most likely rooted in fear.

And if pain is due to bad thinking, maybe I should just take a pause on thought. Simply feel my way through this. No more, this-equals-this. Realize that some things simply don’t directly translate.

I can pull a card and just look at the completely foreign words of Neale Donald Walsch’s transmission from God in Czech. Feel the words as my eyes gaze upon them. Surrender to the fact that my mind has no idea what they mean. But that somewhere, somehow, these words in all of their alien script have been selected just for me.

That my heart already speaks this language. Is well versed in this Love dialogue.

It’s been here, having this conversation since the beginning of time.

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