he still comes to visit
always bringing offerings
entering the front door
breathing in the scent of my stairwell
he looks around my living room
smiling at a friend
and then begins
the ritual unpacking

one by one
he places on the countertop
lilikoi (I’d said I liked them)
lemons (I’d said I needed them)
three ripe bananas
ginger root
a handful of freshly picked allspice leaves (he has one in his shirt pocket)
and a glass jar filled
with his latest brew of noni juice

a natural exchange
I serve
salad with cucumber and pumpkin seeds
the air with rose water
a chunk of jasper for his neck

and when we say goodbye
I’m saying
thank you
practicing the present
(though it could be real)
that we may never meet again

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

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