One hour a day
I dial in
to the broadest band

That’s how the poem began
as I walked damp wet sand
crafting words
that spun
in swirling mists
of salt
and streaming sunlight

out of range and loving it
my 60 minutes
of wireless reception

Jessica Dofflemyer


but then…
nature time’s up
back at the car
I’m recording phrases
in my iPhone
trying to remember
the communication
I received

There are phone calls to return
appointments to keep
I plug in
and realize
my gift of words
are somewhere
in the ether

I grasp air
dig deep in heart
give it a rest
there’s only so much time
what’s real surfaces

I got poetry
and the hiss of mushy ocean waves this morning

it’s OK if it’s not posted here
in fact
I encourage you, my friend
go out
and listen
find your own
then share it

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