A fluid morning.

Rise by 4:30 and lounge around in darkness with ink on paper.  Words just for me by lamplight.

Jeb rises softly by 6 and moves with ease from bed, to couch, to breakfast table.  He eats cereal while I sip coffee.  I read a chapter from Flat Stanley (the Lambchop family has launched into space).

Spelling words get written three times each.  Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is prepared.  Lunch bag packed.

There’s still time to unload the dishwasher.  Clear my sink of dishes.  I even take my vitamins.

These small details, so completely mundane.  Yet the smoothness of their execution, how each movement flows into the next with ease…  These ordinary elements swirl to bring a settling that rests within my cells.  So deeply satisfying.  I feel en-lightened.

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

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