Inspired by recent “Likes” to some of the Archive posts, I’ve been contemplating this affirming cyber-gesture.  I like it.

What a quick way, with a simple click, that we can offer our fellow humans a little gold star.  Our stamp of approval.  A virtual version of an agreeable nod.

It’s got me considering ways that I can incorporate this small, supportive signal into real life.  What would be an equivalent of ‘liking’ something in 3D?

A tried and true sign would be the old-fashioned smile.  But for too long this one has become stale from politeness and not always a genuine indication of authentic sentiments.

There is the friendly, and sometimes coquettish, wink.  This one can border between like and lust, depending on the giver.

And of course, there is the standard ‘thumbs up’, that hand gesture that signals an A-Ok.  Not really used much in casual social interactions, employing the random thumbs-to-the-sky could result in responses more puzzled than pleased.

Beyond walking through town with a pocketful of stars and distributing them among your favorite strangers, is there a way we can perpetuate the support that comes with the internet Like button?  Some small way that we can give each other that little extra boost that says “Yes!  Keep going.  I like what you’re doing.”  What a different world it would be if we moved throughout our days giving and receiving these encouraging lifts.

For now, I’ll gather my cyber-likes, fill up, and then pass them around.

Virtually, I’ll keep clicking the like button whenever I’m inspired.

In real life…be on the Liking Lookout and show my pleasure through a plethora of third-dimensional options.  A word, a look, a gesture.

I think liking this!

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