Jeb wakes before the sun and emerges from his bedroom clutching the latest Scholastic book order catalogue.  He wants to sit together and peruse his top picks.

Ever-supportive of nurturing the love of reading, I acquiesce and surrender my writing hour to a different kind of literary exercise.  Flipping past Amelia Bedelia and Captain Underpants, my son goes straight to the featured Lego section.  I wish that I could craft this post to reflect my pride in his earnest bookwormishness.  But alas, that would be misleading.

In reality, his aim was in another vein.  His index finger pointing to the highlighted Lego DS video game, available for only $20.

Bypassing nearly all things book, my morning writing was being thwarted by an electronic game and the ensuing push and pull of “please, mom, please, this is the only thing I want to buy.


No poetry to post this morning or any kind of inspired perspective.  The Scholastic book order form has been temporarily shelved, though I’m not budging on my refusal to purchase video games through the school’s book catalogue.

Come on, Scholastic!  Give a mom a break.

Well, I’m laughing, actually.  I guess they gave me a post.  Even if it is completely mundane.

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